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this makes my heart smile

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You know you’re a #yogi when you step on your own hair…😁 #yoga #yogaproblems #lizardpose #fitness #hipopener #peace #goodmorning #yogaeverydamnday

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Of all the things I ever imagined happening after George W. Bush left office, this is not it — and I love it.

I love it partly because these paintings really are oddly earnest; and they are not very good; and for reasons totally unknown, Bush has decided to exhibit them in public places while his wife talks about his work with just a hint of condescension.

But I mainly love it because this whole painting project is so very un-presidential. While many post-presidency activities try to perpetuate the glory of the ex-President’s time in office, this does not. Presidential libraries, speaking tours, charitable activities — all of these things are designed to bolster the former Presidents’ prestige (and sometimes their bank accounts), adding to the personality cult that surrounds the White House.

And while I understand a desire for our head of state to have some degree of pomp and circumstance, a healthy cut-back in the celebrity that the Oval Office brings is much overdue. The President is not our national dad or the “boss of the country,” as some have bizarrely suggested, and his job ought to be one of public service. Yet America too often maintains an obsession with the presidency which isn’t conducive to reasoned critiques of any administration’s policies.

And that brings me back to Bush and his paintings (especially the bath and shower self portraits). He signs them “43” — as in 43rd President — and they are not exactly commanding of respect. But where Bush’s paintings may indeed excel is in diminishing the cultural power of the presidency.

I only wish he’d starting sharing them a few years earlier…and I wish someone would buy Barack Obama a set of watercolors.

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my back yard is a place for fairies.

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Here are some wintry animals reminding you to have a nice day and please take care of yourself because you are lovely!

We’re big fans of self-care.

I will reblog this every time it pops up on my dash!

This legitimately just reminded me that I need to take my medication thank you kind animals

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Think you have a first-rate grilled cheese recipe? It could win you $10,000. via wisconsincheese:

It’s that time of year - National Grilled Cheese Month - and The Grilled Cheese Academy has launched a the 2014 Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown! If you have an original and outstanding grilled cheese recipe using Wisconsin Cheese, submit it at for a chance to take home the grand prize of $10,000! 

What you will need to enter:

  • Your best grilled cheese recipe featuring delicious Wisconsin Cheese
  • A drool-worthy photo of your grilled cheese masterpiece
  • A creative sandwich name
  • A brief description of why this recipe is your claim to fame

Once your entry is prepared, visit to officially submit your recipe.

After the contest closes on May 12, three well-known food bloggers will assist the judging panel in taste-testing and choosing the winning recipes. Come back next Wednesday to meet the three guest judges and find out their top two grilled cheese tips!

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To the Book Mobile!

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20 cool and useful kitchen tools! 

Some of my personal favorites are: veggie spiralizer, high powered blender, garlic press, veggie peeler and sharp knives!

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool or appliance?

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